Market Adventures

It takes roughly six minutes to walk from our apartment to Pike Place Market. We had visited the market on our previous excursions to Seattle and were thrilled to be living in such close proximately. On our first grocery run we mistakenly strolled through Post Alley. For those of you who don’t know, Post Alley […]

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Seattle, Seahawks and Hand Signals

We were excited for various reasons when our bestie, Kelsey, asked us to join her for the Seahawks first preseason game against the Vikings. Most importantly, our social calendar has a lot of vacancies at this particular time. Secondly, the price of tickets was only $40. From what I’ve been told, regular season tickets are […]

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Home Sweet Tiny Home

I have been intrigued with tiny homes for several years. I love watching all the TV shows pertaining to tiny living and perusing Pinterest for pictures of adorable miniature abodes. Deep down I knew that owning a tiny home was unrealistic for us, but it was fun for me to dream (and joke with our […]

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Move in Day!

We set our alarms for 5:30 a.m., which thankfully felt more like 7:30 since our bodies were still operating on Central Time Zone. We knew jbabe’s 4Runner wasn’t big enough to haul a couple of our big ticket items from our storage pod to our apartment so we had previously gotten permission from Shawn, Jarred’s […]

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The Witts move west!

After selling our house, visiting TK in Amarillo to say goodbye, celebrating our departure with some amazing friends and hugging our families we piled into jbabe’s 4Runner and began our 2,000 mile journey west. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to drive. Leaving my car in Oklahoma was one of the most appealing […]

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