The Witts move west!

After selling our house, visiting TK in Amarillo to say goodbye, celebrating our departure with some amazing friends and hugging our families we piled into jbabe’s 4Runner and began our 2,000 mile journey west. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to drive. Leaving my car in Oklahoma was one of the most appealing aspects of our move for me. However, on our three-day road trip Jarred needed to put in some working hours and since it’s highly dangerous to drive and code at the same time, I had to take the wheel.




We had a game plan that pretty much consisted of Jarred driving through all major (okay, maybe even most small) cities and I would take the miles of open interstate. I would like to say that we made the whole trip without any issues, but Fort Collins, Colorado, probably begs to differ. I’m going to blame it on Apple maps, but my little driving debacle ended with me yelling, “I don’t know what to do!” and throwing the car into park in the middle of the road. Jarred (who I might add NEVER gets mad) was less than pleased. Note to self: apparently stopping in the middle of a two-lane road was not the best plan of action. Lesson. Learned.


I made it through the rest of the states without any major mishaps, which was a win in my book. I’ll also add that Jarred’s car made it to Seattle unscathed. We spent two nights in Park City, Utah, (specials thanks to Hannah if you’re reading this) which allowed us to stretch our legs and spend some time outside of the car for a welcomed change.




We powered through the last thirteen hours of the trip to get from Park City to Seattle in one day. While driving through Idaho we saw a sign for Chick-Fil-A only 78 miles ahead. Jarred and I (like pretty much every Oklahoman) LOVE Chick-Fil-A and we had already figured out that downtown Seattle does not have one. Clearly we were not going to let this opportunity, or calories, pass us by.


We took the exit for Twin Falls, Idaho, and were shocked when we pulled into the CFA parking lot to find only two cars in the drive thru at 11:36 a.m. This would never happen at home. From our experience every Chick-Fil-A drive thru is packed basically all day long. Jarred and I mistakenly thought the empty parking lot meant that the greatness of CFA hadn’t caught on in Idaho yet and we were about to devour our delicious chicken sandwiches in record time. We were wrong. I will give credit where credit is due – the fries tasted great. However, their sandwiches did not taste like what we were used to. I didn’t even finish my food, which has never happened. I don’t know what the difference was, but it was notable and less than appealing. Suddenly the (mostly) empty CFA made much more sense.


Defeated we climbed back into the car and continued west. We made the mistake of stopping in Oregon to fill up with gas. When Jarred stepped out of the driver’s seat a young girl in a bright neon vest materialized out of nowhere with a chipper, “Hello!” Jarred returned the pleasantries as he slid his credit card into the machine and the girl continued to stand by his side. She seemed a bit annoyed by Jarred’s actions which confused us, but he carried on as normal until it was time to actually pump his gas.


FullSizeRender 13


As Jarred attempted to grab the hose the girl got visibly upset and yelled, “That’s my job! You cannot touch that unless you want to pay the $500 fine!” We were perplexed, but obviously weren’t looking to part with half a grand or deal with Oregon Law Enforcement, so Jarred stepped aside and let the female teenager pump his gas. As she preformed her duties Jarred and I spent the time whispering our confusion to each other. When the attendant finished we decided to ask her if not being able to pump your own gas was protocol only in her town or all over. She could not answer our question so as we drove away baffled we consulted Google. For anyone wondering, there are two states in the US that don’t allow you to pump your own gas – Oregon and New Jersey. Another lesson learned.


The rest of our journey to Seattle was thankfully uneventful and accompanied by hours of podcasts (mostly Criminal and Hardcore History). Since we weren’t going to make it in time to get the keys to our new home we spent our first night in Washington with our sister-in-law, Kelsey. Not only did she open her home to us and let us borrow Jarred’s brother’s truck (more on that in a later post..) she also greeted us with Washington welcome goodies – local beer and wine and the cutest tea towel. Thankfully for us, maybe not so lucky for her, we’re making Kelsey our local tour guide and BFF. The verdict is still out as to how long she’ll put up with us.



20 thoughts on “The Witts move west!

    1. Loved the blog. I felt like I was right there with you. Have a great journey out west, make some memories and always remember … Oklahoma . God bless and keep you always safe.

      Gotta go to grow!

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  1. You are so cute! I laughed and smiled the whole time I was reading. Soooo excited for you guys. You are so smart to journal like this because you will want to remember all of this in 5 years. I still remember every detail about our move to New England!!

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