Home Sweet Tiny Home

I have been intrigued with tiny homes for several years. I love watching all the TV shows pertaining to tiny living and perusing Pinterest for pictures of adorable miniature abodes. Deep down I knew that owning a tiny home was unrealistic for us, but it was fun for me to dream (and joke with our friends that we were going to park our pint-sized house in their backyard). However, when we decided to relocate I knew this was my opportunity to make all my small living fantasies a reality for at least a little while. I was really pushing for around 400 square feet when Jarred began the apartment search, but that was quickly vetoed. We ended up settling on a place with 647 sq. ft.




Our home in Oklahoma wasn’t enormous by any standards, but 1585 square feet is significantly larger than our current residence. I heard the phrase several years ago “Have Less, Do More” and I naively prided myself thinking that we were living out that motto. However, once everything was out of every closet, drawer and shelf there was no denying we had accumulated way too much crap. As the countdown to our departure grew nearer our trips to Goodwill increased tremendously. It turns out that going tiny is a great motivator for purging.


We donated or sold the majority of our furniture because it wasn’t practical or needed for our one bedroom apartment. I wanted to be intentional with the items that we purchased. My criteria were that they first of all looked appealing, but also served dual purposes. Which in our case meant storage, storage and more storage. Our bedroom is open and spacious like I wanted it to be, but the few pieces of furniture in the room also serve as storage space. Our bedframe harbors three drawers on each side that function as our one and only dresser. My bedside table discretely hides our tacky Christmas sweaters and all my scarves.




The one generous closet in the room is fantastic, but even with all of our purging I knew going from four closets to one would be ambitious. I wanted to open our closet doors without inducing an avalanche, so the solution was to leave some clothes outside of the closet. I didn’t want these articles to appear like abandoned clothes stuffed in the corner of a room, but rather a strategically planned open concept closet that made a statement. Our bedroom has a subtle black and white scheme so I decided to use the abundance of black and white in my wardrobe to execute my vision.





The bedroom overlooks our galley kitchen and skylight. On one of our first nights in our apartment I had sent a picture to some friends with the caption, “not everyone can see their oven from bed.” One friend highlighted the fact that I would never have to sit in bed wondering if I had turned the stove off. Valid point. We anticipated that we might feel cramped in the kitchen, however it’s more spacious than we expected. The only complaint I have thus far is that due to my vertical limitations and the height of the cabinets it’s almost impossible for me to reach anything higher than the first shelf. Thankfully my step stool should be arriving later today.




The living room operates as our TV room, dining room and Jarred’s office. This space presented a bit of a design challenge because, like the entirety of the apartment, I wanted it to look attractive, provide storage, and also be functional for Jarred since he works from home. If I had it my way Jarred’s “office” would consist of nothing but his laptop. However, that’s not practical for a software engineer. Hence the two giant screens, multiple cords and external hard drives. Function does triumph over beauty in some circumstances.



Our couch, coffee and side tables made the journey from Oklahoma. Our rug, which I had been eyeing for some time, was a new addition mainly because we no longer had our precious foster baby. TK and a white rug would not have mixed.




I have always been obsessed with pictures. I love taking pictures, looking at pictures and displaying pictures. Throughout my college years (and several post college years if I’m being honest) I basically plastered pictures on any space available. However, when we got married I decided a gallery wall was a much more age appropriate way to display meaningful photos. Our gallery wall is identical to the one we had in our previous home. If it’s not broke, why fix it?


The south wall of the room with its (almost) floor to ceiling windows is my absolute favorite. I love the abundance of natural light in our apartment. Thanks to some IKEA hacks from Pinterest we scored some budget friendly gold shelves to frame our new TV stand. We found out before we moved that we wouldn’t be able to mount our TV. Thankfully the stand is worth its weight in gold simply due to storage.



It’s not a big space, but it’s perfect for jbabe and I. It’s only been a little over a week, but I already love tiny living and keep telling Jarred we’re never getting a larger place. He disagrees. Who knows what square footage the future holds, but for now I’m ecstatic to be living out a lifestyle I never actually dreamed would become a reality.

7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Tiny Home

  1. Beautiful! Our NYC apartment was about the same size and now I’m wishing I had flown you to out to design/organize our life while we were there. Scaling back was so refreshing, but oh how easily all that crap came back when we got to TX. 🙈

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    1. It is all perfect! What a fun time for two love birds! I am proud f you guys! ENJOY! You are so blessed to have each other! Mom P loves you guys! ❤️❌⭕️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I could not be more proud of my vertically challenged friend😉 As I was reading, I could hear you talking, which means…you nailed this whole blogging thing! I totally agree, I see design in your future! I also happen to know someone who is hopeful to be in their newly remodeled home in another month, so when you come back to Oklahoma, you can practice some more! Praying for you guys and your new, exciting journey! Can’t wait to read again! Love you!

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