Market Adventures

It takes roughly six minutes to walk from our apartment to Pike Place Market. We had visited the market on our previous excursions to Seattle and were thrilled to be living in such close proximately. On our first grocery run we mistakenly strolled through Post Alley. For those of you who don’t know, Post Alley is home to the tourist attraction – The Gum Wall. The wall is exactly as it sounds; used bubblegum plastered to the brick walls lining the alleyway. If you’ve never been it’s something worth viewing, but one whiff of its aroma is enough to last a lifetime. That being said, on this particular venture we held our breath, dodged tourists and tried to escape the alley as quickly as humanly possible.



We selected one of the most inopportune times to make our first outing – Sunday afternoon. The market attracts enormous crowds daily, but on the weekends the corridors are essentially impassable. Through perseverance and the loss of personal space we secured a spot in front of a produce stand. Local grown cherries were of upmost importance on my personal shopping list. I would recommend double-checking your change if you happen to shop there; unbeknownst to me the price per pound would have increased had I not.




With cherries in hand we shuffled over to the Pike Place Bakery. The visible confections made it difficult to focus our attention toward the bread, but we suppressed our sweet tooth and walked away with only a loaf of carbs. Our final and most challenging task of the day involved seafood. The fish counters constantly allure an impressive amount of spectators due to their antics; mainly throwing fish over the heads of enthralled tourists to one another. Procuring a position from which we could shout our aquatic requests was somewhat of a victory in and of itself.


Our original intent was to purchase clams, however when we placed our order the gentleman helping us replied, “No, you don’t want clams. Go with the mussels.” I initially thought he was being sarcastic. Turns out he was being completely serious because the clams were apparently no longer fresh. The kind man proceeded to then give us a much appreciated crash course on the subject of clams and threw in a mini lesson on muscles free of charge. We decided mussels were a more appetizing choice and ordered scallops as well.




I couldn’t exit the market without acquiring a bouquet. Not only is there an abundance of gorgeous arrangements to select from, but also the cost is insanely inexpensive. We’re talking $5, $10, and $15 for magnificent bundles of these beauties. Like the majority of females I love everything about fresh flowers, but I usually view it as a waste of money due to how much you spend versus how long they live. However, all bets are now off and flowers from the market will be making a weekly appearance at Casa de Witt. Sorry jbabe!

FullSizeRender 22




We strolled home avoiding the gum wall at all cost and began preparing our inaugural dinner. Jarred got the privilege of ripping away all the junk (that is the technical term) that had attached itself to the muscles. As a precaution we turned on the ventilation fans in our kitchen before putting everything on the stove. We boiled linguine to accompany our seafood and Jarred launched into meat preparation.


It took approximately ten seconds after Jarred started searing the scallops for the fire alarms in our apartment to start blaring their obnoxious noise. We immediately went into panic mode and attempted unsuccessfully to turn the alarms off, but that vertically challenged thing made it rather difficult. I was terrified this was going to activate the sprinklers in our entire complex and I kept thinking that our neighbors had to already hate us. I sprinted the three steps to our living room and snagged a chair for assistance. Once on top of the chair I managed to silence the alarms. While I was rearranging furniture, Jarred ran the pan of partially seared scallops to our semi-opened windows attempting to waft the smell.


Thankfully no sprinklers were triggered and we were able to complete our meal. I might add that in the midst of the chaos I may or may not have dumped a strainer full of linguine into the sink. I was personally fine with using the escaped noodles due to previously cleaning the sink. However, Jarred was not a fan and thus a new pot of noodles were boiled.




All in all, our meal tasted delicious and provided a lot of laughs. I’d like to say that we haven’t set the fire alarms off since our initial use of the kitchen, but that would be a lie. I think it’s safe to say the alarms are HIGHLY sensitive. Thankfully we’ve now mastered the art of cooking in our apartment. It consists of me standing on our rolling kitchen cart while flapping a dishtowel back and forth in front of the smoke alarm as Jarred cooks. I can’t wait for us to host dinner guests.


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