Market Eating

With the market in our backyard Jarred and I have frequently ventured over in hot pursuit of ingredients such as mussels, scallops, spaghetti squash, loaves of bread, etc. to prepare in our own kitchen. However, we had yet to enjoy the fine dining experience that the market itself has to offer. We decided to remedy […]

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Weekend Discoveries

The weekends are usually the (only) time we squeeze Jarred’s car out of the parking garage, brave the traffic and venture to destinations outside of downtown Seattle. Downtown is fabulous and offers more than enough to entertain a person for their lifetime. But be that as it may, we moved to the Pacific Northwest to […]

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A Tiny Update

I knew living tiny was something I was going to relish in, but even I have been surprised by the convenience of this lifestyle. No task is too daunting when anything and everything one needs is practically within arms length. If I personally had longer arms I’m pretty sure I’d be able to sit on […]

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A Month at a Glance

  As of Monday we’ve officially been residents for one whole month! I’m in constant disbelief that God placed us in Seattle during this particular season of our lives. We definitely wouldn’t have predicted living here in our wildest dreams, but we’ve had an absolute blast exploring the city, meeting new friends, spending time with […]

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First Thursday with SAM

Jarred and I eyed the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) on our first Saturday in the city while roaming to breakfast about a block from our apartment. I was personally ecstatic that we were living in such close proximity, but knew it would be a bit before I visited the museum for myself. I quickly forgot […]

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Birthday Festivities!

Birthdays aren’t typically something Jarred and I go to extremes for. Sure we like them, and use them as an excuse to spend time with friends and family whenever the calendar indicates another one has approached. But for the most part we reserve our excessive commemorations for our anniversaries. However, this year we deviated from […]

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A Heartfelt Homecoming!

The precise date and time of Shawn’s return back to America, specifically Washington, was up in the air pretty much until he finally landed on US soil. Kelsey’s educated speculation was the end of August or the first of September, but apparently it’s always subject to change. As the homecoming approached the date became concrete, […]

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Weekend Warriors

Jarred and I were both born and raised in Oklahoma. We’re talking rural, as far as the eye can see, farmland type of Oklahoma. Needless to say, hiking was not a hobby that occupied our free time. It wasn’t until our second visit to Seattle a little less than two years ago that we actually […]

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