Birthday Festivities!

Birthdays aren’t typically something Jarred and I go to extremes for. Sure we like them, and use them as an excuse to spend time with friends and family whenever the calendar indicates another one has approached. But for the most part we reserve our excessive commemorations for our anniversaries. However, this year we deviated from our normal traditions and had three separate celebrations for Jarred. Go big or go home for thirty-one.


The reasoning behind the abundance of celebrations this particular year was primarily due to the fact that Jarred and his brother, Shawn, have birthdays two years and one day apart from one another. Double the birthdays, triple the fun! It was also an added bonus that because of Shawn’s homecoming their parents were in town and able to join us on Friday Night.


The first festivity took place at a restaurant called Westward positioned on the north side of Lake Union. The impressive patio views of the Seattle skyline accompanied by the lake were stunning. Kelsey successfully secured our party a table outside so we had the pleasure of admiring the sights the entire evening. Everything about the evening was enjoyable, from the company to the freshest seafood and all the drinks and dessert in between.




My personal favorite was when a waiter showed up with an interesting looking glass pitcher and began pouring Rosé into the mouths of our tablemates. The women of our group were immediately intrigued and inquired as to what in the world was going on. The contraption is apparently called a Porron (via the ladies at the end of our shared table they are available on Amazon Prime) and at random intervals the wait staff will walk around the restaurant spilling wine down any willing participant’s throat. Kelsey, Judy and I accepted the challenge and received a refreshing mouthful of Rosé.




Two days later after enjoying the sunset on the rooftop of our apartment we were traipsing through the streets of Seattle headed to the next birthday destination – Flatstick Pub. This particular establishment features only local beers and an indoor putt-putt course, basically Jarred’s heaven. We were fortunate enough to share our time at the 9-hole mini golf course with at least a hundred participants of the gamer conference PAX West. It was a tight squeeze to say the least, but we had a blast. Shawn was the night’s winner by a landslide with begs the question – was he really deployed for nine months or hiding away at a putt-putt camp? TBD.





After our round of golf we headed to Capitol Hill where Kelsey led us into Comet Tavern. Upon entering this dark and not the most inviting ambience, Kelsey instructed us to keep walking until we reached the back of the room which led to a staircase. Thankfully for the rest of us obediently tagging along behind her, Kelsey isn’t a rookie when it comes to these parts. After climbing a few stairs it opened into a wildly contrasting 60’s themed lounge called Lost Lake. We grabbed a booth in the corner next to the rock wall housing a fireplace and enjoyed our time. If you ventured further you came to a set of swinging doors that opened into a 24-hour diner. Sadly we didn’t partake in the food, but after eyeing their delectable tater tots I’m thinking a return trip is mandatory.





Jarred’s actual birthday was on Tuesday. I had previously planned our evening, but kept the details a surprise from Jarred. Unbeknownst to jbabe roughly two weeks prior to his birthday I purchased tickets to the Mariners vs. Astros game at Safeco Field. The Astros are Jarred’s favorite MLB team. Three days prior to his birthday when he realized they were coming to town he approached me saying, “Hey! Did you know the ‘Stros are playing here on my birthday?!” I immediately thought the surprise was going to be ruined or dreaded that he was going to follow his excited comment with something like, “I went ahead and bought us tickets!” But thankfully he took it like a champ when I responded, “Oh man! That would have been fun, but I already have something else planned.”


On the morning of his birthday Jarred was shocked to find two tickets for the game hiding in his card. Later that day after indulging on a dinner of oysters we strolled the thirty minutes to the stadium. Jarred was thrilled we got to watch Houston’s newly drafted pitcher, Justin Verlander, make his debut. I think pitching fever caught on because as we were exploring the stadium during the 7th inning stretch he paid two dollars to try his hand at throwing a fastball. His speed was just a tad less than Verlander’s. Jarred’s Astros ended the night victorious 3-1 over the Mariners. All in all, Jarred had a fabulous birthday and I know it was extra special to celebrate so much of it with his brother this year.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Festivities!

  1. Such an Andy move – “did you know the (whatever product he wants at the time) is out?? I went ahead and bought it.” (Kasey must return said product…again!)

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