A Month at a Glance



As of Monday we’ve officially been residents for one whole month! I’m in constant disbelief that God placed us in Seattle during this particular season of our lives. We definitely wouldn’t have predicted living here in our wildest dreams, but we’ve had an absolute blast exploring the city, meeting new friends, spending time with family and forming new memories over the past month.



We hit the ground running in the sports department and made an appearance at all three professional sporting events that our new city has to offer – football, baseball and soccer. My sister’s friend, Hannah, invited us to a Sounder’s soccer game one Sunday evening. Before going to the game we met Hannah, her boyfriend and some of her other friends at a sports bar called Quality Athletics in Pioneer Square.


They mentioned something about a parade of sorts that took place prior to the start of the game. As an OSU fan I immediately thought I knew what they were referencing and voiced that the Cowboys also did a “walk” before their football games. As the procession came and went I was puzzled as to where the actual players were. It turns out this walk was solely for the fans, not the Sounders themselves. The MIA Sounders went on to be victorious when Dempsey scored an exciting penalty kick in stoppage time.



I hate to admit this, but I happen to be a huge Twilight fan. My obsession with the saga has dwindled significantly since I graduated from college, but it’s still present enough that it has been joked about several times that the reason behind our move to the PNW was for me to locate Edward. My friend Kasey even made the comment that she didn’t believe it was coincidence that I relocated to Seattle and a week later there happened to be an eclipse. I haven’t found Edward yet, but we did get to watch the eclipse from our rooftop.



Thanks to my Aunt Leslie we were acquainted with Katie and Chris who introduced us to the goodness that is Indian food. Neither Jarred nor I had ever tried Indian food so when Katie first suggested it we were a little apprehensive. After consulting my college group text and learning what dish I should order (Thanks Liz and Kasey) we decided to live a little and meet our new friends at Roti in Queen Anne. We are now both obsessed with Indian food and can’t believe we lived this long without tasting its greatness. Although after attempting and failing to recreate chicken tikka masala in our instant pot we’ve learned that Indian food does not translate well into our own kitchen.



Before we moved I liked to think we were responsible and took care of the planet by recycling our cans, glass bottles and the occasional plastic containers. However, after living in Washington for a month I realize recycling for us in Oklahoma was like a hobby we would sporadically find time for. Now it’s a full on lifestyle that leaves us constantly perplexed. There are strict rules as to what is categorized as recyclable, compost or trash. We consult Google on a regular basis to determine what we’re supposed to do with certain items.


Recycling has also become a hot topic for us when we’re out in public as we try to gain local insight on what to do with things like the ice packets from our Hello Fresh packages. The locals have spoken and apparently you cut them open, flush the gel down a drain and recycle the plastic outer bag. To be determined if we plug up the pipes in our apartment complex or get fined for not disposing of them properly. Also another fun fact learned from mingling with natives – the bottom of a pizza box belongs in the compost bin, but the top belongs in recycling. How in the world are you supposed to just know these things? They’re not messing around up here when it comes to their reduce, reuse and recycle policies.





Seattle is definitely not lacking when it comes to the abundance of coffee shops, but we were astonished to discover they all close relatively early. Most shops only stay open until 4:30 with the occasional rebel keeping the lights on until 6:30. Starbucks in the one exception, but we limit our Starbucks consumption to Sunday mornings on our walk to church. Which thanks to Hannah’s guidance we’ve found a church home here that we really like – City Church.


Our favorite coffee shop to date is Storyville. It’s discreetly nestled on the top floor of an old building with four large arched windows overlooking Pike Place Market. It attracts hordes of tourists daily, but we’ve discovered if you arrive promptly when they open at 6:59 a.m. the place is practically empty except for a few other Seattleites lounging on the leather chairs and couches. And yes, after living here for five long weeks I’m obviously a seasoned local. After a couple hours Storyville usually overflows with eager sightseers and we retreat back to the tranquility of our apartment. However, if you’re willing to brave the crowds, on occasion the staff will walk around serving steaming chocolate cake fresh out of the oven at no cost.



Jarred and I celebrated our month of residency by returning to the market for fresh seafood and other goodies. We prepared the most delicious mussels marinière with curry without setting off any alarms and then spent the remainder of the evening on the rooftop enjoying the sunset. One month has flown by faster than I ever could have imaged, but we’re thankful for every day we’ve spent in the PNW. Seattle, you are an easy one to fall in love with.


8 thoughts on “A Month at a Glance

  1. The recycling! Are you supposed to cut out the bottom to of the pizza box? And I just would never throw away batteries. Or light bulbs. Too much trouble 😉

    Miss you!!!

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