A Tiny Update

I knew living tiny was something I was going to relish in, but even I have been surprised by the convenience of this lifestyle. No task is too daunting when anything and everything one needs is practically within arms length. If I personally had longer arms I’m pretty sure I’d be able to sit on our bed while also preparing dinner. Our washer and dryer, stacked discretely in our bathroom, are approximately seven steps from our bedroom. It’s hard to justify postponing laundry when an entire round trip only requires walking 14 feet.




The square footage of our tiny home has proved more than ample. I was astonished to realize that even in our small quarters we still have [minimal] space to spare. As the ski season approaches I presume the available storage will quickly dwindle, but it’s refreshing to know that we’re not busting at the seams currently.


While storing our belongings hasn’t presented a challenge, getting into the closet at the same time has proved otherwise. We came from sharing a decently sized walk-in closet where both parties could assemble and adorn wardrobes simultaneously. However, our new reach-in closet does not offer the same experience. There are three sliding doors, but only one third of the closet can be opened at a time. While I’m thankful for sliding doors versus opening ones that would take up prime real estate, this sets the stage for a game similar to tug of war if attempting to get ready at the same time. If I happen to open my side while Jarred has his door open, Jarred’s side automatically slams shut and vice versa. After using the closet for a month I’m thinking the builders would have been wise to install bumpers on the doors to provide some sort of buffer. But hey, what do I know?




When we looked at pictures of our apartment prior to moving I immediately noticed that two of the bedroom walls didn’t extend all the way to the ceiling. I was perplexed by this and couldn’t quite figure out the reasoning behind that particular design element. We’ve since surmised that the lack of light fixtures was the determining factor. Neither our bedroom nor our living room have any overhead lighting, but during the day our home is filled with an abundance of natural light thanks to our south wall of windows and the skylight in our kitchen. By deciding to limit the two walls in height this allows natural light to filter into our bedroom and illuminate it during the daytime.




The skylight in our apartment was a selling point for various reasons in my opinion. The first one being that it increased the amount of sunlight our apartment received. Secondly, I knew that having a skylight automatically meant no upstairs neighbors, which immediately translates to less noise. But what I didn’t anticipate until the first night it stormed was that the rain beating down on the skylight sounds exactly like a noise machine set to “rainstorm” mode. After growing accustomed to TK’s sound machine for almost a year we’ve become rather fond of that particular sound. Luckily for us I predict several months of this natural noise machine in our future.



We used to joke that our house in Oklahoma was a Smart Home due to the various gadgets Jarred had installed. However, I think it’s safe to say that our current residence greatly surpasses our prior home in technology. Every single appliance that came in our apartment is categorized as “highly efficient” which we learned translates to – beeping all the time. The majority of the time Jarred and I have no earthly idea where the beeping originates from and it results in a fun game of Hot and Cold as we run around the apartment trying to uncover which device is the culprit. One morning we were convinced Jarred’s computers were about to explode until we realized the high pitch screeching sound was the refrigerator signaling that it wasn’t properly closed.




When we first moved in we were told that our dryer detected humidity levels and only dried articles to 97%. We were ensured that this was advantageous because your wardrobe would never shrink. What the leasing manager failed to mention is that when one removes clothes that still have 3% wetness remaining you are left with a heaping pile of warm, damp clothes in your arms. Not the most pleasant experience.


The highly efficient dryer happens to also be highly intelligent. I’ve tried to trick it into drying my clothes fully several times, but regardless of what sly maneuvers I attempt it always detects the deception and refuses to advance. It also requires a certain [magic] amount of clothing to operate. The dryer will not function if there are too few pieces of clothing, but it also won’t work if you have too many clothes either. It’s a delicate balancing act that usually results in numerous tries, rearranging the clothes several times and ultimately hearing it beep in my face about 10 times before it finally cooperates and dries the clothes.




Overall living tiny has been an adjustment. Going from a three bed/two bath house to a one bed/one bath apartment requires some modifications in our daily routine especially when it comes to sharing the one sink vanity in our bathroom. But living tiny is worth it a million times over when it comes to cleaning – the entire place takes roughly an hour to make it shine. Needless to say, I’m still a huge admirer of miniature abodes and ours in particular. If you need us in the foreseeable future we’ll be right here loving our tiny home.



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