The Millers in Seattle!

The Millers may have planned their trip to celebrate Kyle’s 30th long before they knew we were moving, but I still like to think they ventured west with the main objective of visiting us. Truthfully birthday celebrations complete with a trip to CenturyLink to watch Kyle’s Texans were the real reasons behind their stay. However, regardless of motivating factors, Jarred and I were thrilled to have friends from home in Seattle for a weekend.




We were kind enough to leave them alone for dinner on Friday night so they could celebrate Kyle’s actual birthday in peace, but as soon as they finished dining we reconvened. Morgan suggested a place in Capitol Hill called Canon for our rendezvous that we weren’t familiar with, but were eager to try. Based on my extensive Google research 5 minutes prior to our departure, the tiny whiskey and bitters emporium only serves 48 people at one time and caps party sizes at four. Thankfully we were practicing quality over quantity on this particular evening and were able to adhere to their capacity regulations without issue.


I’m not a huge fan of the darker spirits, but I did love that a majority of their concoctions were served in fun and eclectic containers. Morgan’s bathtub was the night’s winner, whereas mine looked like I interrupted my time at the local playground for a snack break with friends. Overall, Canon was a hit and the best part was that the cozy, intimate atmosphere allowed us [read: me] to finally realize that Kyle’s doppelganger is Josh Duhamel. (More on that topic to come.)




On Saturday our beloved Pokes played an early morning game (dang Pacific Time) so we invited the Millers to attend the local alumni association’s watch party at Art Marble 21. We were excited to show them how Seattleites cheer on the Cowboys, but little did we know that the chapter’s president was out of town and there was anything but an OSU watch party happening at our local watering hole. In fact, it seemed as if everybody and anybody who normally spends their weekends watching football at Art Marble was also MIA. For the entirety of the game we only had to share the bar with about four other (non Oklahoma State) patrons. Watch party fail.


During halftime we learned the true benefit of our situation when we had the entire arcade side of the establishment to ourselves. We may or may not have spent the second half watching the game while simultaneously indulging in unlimited skee-ball. The lesson learned was who needs a watch party surrounded by fellow alum when you have access to all the free arcade games you could ever want.


After an Oklahoma State win against West Virginia we jumped in an Uber and headed towards wine country in Woodinville. Our first stop was JM Cellars; a winery and tasting room converted from an old dairy farm nestled amongst the trees on a hill called “Bramble Bump”. The secluded grounds were beyond beautiful and would make the perfect venue for a Washington wedding (apparently I really want somebody/anybody to get married here and invite me). Hint, hint.



In the house turned winery, several of the bedrooms had been transformed into sitting areas. We found the perfect, vacant room to make our own while enjoying our samples – I had hoped this would be the trip that jbabe finally decided to try wine, but unfortunately that dream of mine did not come to fruition. The only downside of occupying this particular room was that discrete ensuite bathroom, complete with a shower, became in hot demand not long after we’d set up camp. We basically became the ambassadors to the restroom directing people to its locations and chatting with them as they waited for their turn.


Matching outfits not coordinated. 


After finishing our wine and steering more than enough traffic to the loo we decided a change of scenery was needed. We channeled our inner Pocahontas by setting out on foot “just around the river bend” which may or may not have been the wisest of decisions, but thankfully we ended up at Redhook Brewery unscathed. We had hoped to spend time at the picturesque Chateau Ste. Michelle after stuffing our faces, but sadly made the rookie mistake of not checking the winery’s hours first. Instead we settled for pictures at the entrance and put it on our bucket list for next time.



With the addition of Kelsey and Shawn in our entourage the sexes segregated in order for pursue differing priorities. For the boys it was a location with a TV to catch game four of the World Series and for the ladies it was Mark Ryan Winery. When our glasses were empty we reunited with our significant others to watch the end of the game together at Tavern Hall in Bellevue. This is also where we took the issue of Kyle and Josh Duhamel to the masses.


Up until this point Morgan refused to accept she married a Tad Hamilton lookalike, but after allowing her Instagram followers to voice their opinion there was no denying it. I believe the final consensus was 98% of the voters (which I might add some people needed a little encouragement when it came to the voting department) agreed that Kyle did in fact resemble Josh. Everyone can now start referring to Morgan as Fergie (pre-separation from Josh obviously).

img_0622.jpgThe Miller’s weekend vacation was sadly coming to an end, but not before we met up Sunday evening in Fremont at Shawn O’Donnell’s to catch the fifth game of the World Series. Our theme for the weekend must have been watching sporting events from an empty bar, as we were four of the maybe ten people in attendance. Of course, everyone not seated at our table was much more concerned with the Sounders than the Astros, but we enjoyed ourselves. Morgan and I also did our Good Samaritan deed of their visit by helping a woman dig through the trash in search of a lost ring. This act was much more hygienic than it actually sounds, but unfortunately the ring was never located.


All in all, our weekend with Morgan and Josh was so much fun! We loved sharing our new home with friends and playing tourists ourselves. Basically this entire post is a shameless plug to entice more people to come visit; so I hope it worked! Feel free to book your flights now, Alaska Air even offers nonstop flights from Oklahoma City in case anyone was wondering. Oh, and make checks payable to Witt Travel Agency (kidding).



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