Living the Twilight Dream!

For those of you who knew me during my senior year of college you’re aware that I read the Twilight Saga. And by “read,” I mean I developed an unhealthy obsession appreciation of Stephenie Meyer’s world of porcelain vampires and monstrous werewolves. I know what thought is currently running through your mind – wow – and I don’t blame you. The first time I viewed the Twilight movie with no prior knowledge, I made fun of it relentlessly and laughed at the ghostly lead character. However, when I read the saga [several times] I entered into the point of no return [for more years than I care to admit].



It doesn’t really matter that a poster of Edward, whom I lovingly refer to as “Eddie,” made it’s way from my college house to my first apartment [and a rental house and a second apartment]. Or that I contemplated rewriting all four books so I could substitute “Evan” every place Stephenie had inserted “Bella.” I had obviously left all childish twi-hard nonsense in my twenties – until we decided to relocate to the very state this fictitious vampire world took place.


Forks, Washington, located on the Olympic Peninsula, wasn’t going to be a destination we stumbled upon by chance. It required careful planning, patience and purposefully omitting key details pertaining to my proposed road trip. The stars finally aligned the second week of April when Saturday’s drizzly forecast provided the perfect pretext for exploring the northwestern most portion of the continental US. The fact that Forks was conveniently located along our route was the wildest coincidence.




As we began our Saturday excursion I was confident I had successfully disguised all motivating factors [and destinations] from jbabe. I had even nonchalantly mentioned that Port Angeles would be an ideal location for a lunch break. (Twilight fans will recognize Port Angeles as the town Bella went dress shopping with friends, was saved by Eddie and munched on mushroom ravioli before being driven home by the pale hottie.)   However, when Jarred’s friend called on the first leg of our journey and asked what we were up to, Jarred responded that we were “basically on a Twilight tour.”  It turned out jbabe had known exactly why I wanted to venture to the peninsula and had still willingly agreed to chauffer me. God bless that man.




I had high hopes as we entered Port Angeles of Edward skidding to a stop in his Volvo inches from me, but unfortunately that never transpired. In another run of bad luck the Italian restaurant, Bella Italia, where Edward and Bella had their first date was only open for dinner. [There went the prospect of eating ravioli and pretending I was dining with a vampire.] When we finished our delicious consolation lunch at New Day Eatery we stumbled into a bookstore that I excitedly thought had a cameo in the first movie. After a Google search confirmed that said bookstore was actually filmed at a law office in Oregon, I decided it was time to grab two more lattes and make our way to the highly anticipated Forks.


One of the best aspects of our trip came unexpectedly and shockingly had nothing to do with vampires. Twenty minutes after leaving Port Angeles we discovered the stunner that was Lake Crescent. As the road wove the length of the lake I was mesmerized; I felt like I did when we zigzagged around the fjords in Norway two years prior. Similar to our Norwegian excursion, I made Jarred pull over for photo ops practically every other minute. I don’t know what Stephenie Meyer was thinking when she failed to mention this glorious place in her novels, but Twilight fans you should be outraged [especially considering Edward and Bella had to drive RIGHT by it].



My level of excitement grew with each passing mile as we drew nearer to Forks. At last, we entered my mecca and you better believe I instructed Jarred to pull over immediately so I could document the pilgrimage. It just goes to show that dreams do come true, kids. Let it also be known that I was not the only female having my significant other photograph me solo in front of the City of Forks sign, Bella’s truck or Forks High School. There are a lot of good men out there putting up with Twilight loving ladies.



Since nothing from the movie was actually filmed in Forks (pretty much everything was shot in Oregon) my self guided Twilight Tour didn’t last long. I’ve always been Team Edward; you disloyal Team Jacob fans are crazy, but I knew we couldn’t travel that far without visiting La Push on the Quileute Indian Reservation. There were no werewolf or Jacob sightings, but I did get see the “Treaty Line.” And the closet thing I came to actually finding Eddie the entire trip – a wooden cutout that I couldn’t resist getting a picture with. Apparently I’m prone to hang on any Eddie cutout regardless of my age; maturity at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.



It was finally time to tone down my vampire-loving heart and return to Seattle [and arguably most importantly – reality]. Instead of venturing back towards Bainbridge Island we decided to loop around the remainder of the peninsula. This ended up being a brilliant idea not only because it provided great views of the Pacific Ocean, but we also got to explore the Hoh Rain Forest.  All in all, I LOVED our Twilight Adventure. I wouldn’t advise planning a trip to Washington with the sole purpose of visiting Forks, but if you happen to be in the area with an extra day to spare – definitely do it.



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