An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

  If you’re assuming that our celebration will forever be remembered based on the day unfolding in a picturesque, movie-worthy manner – you would be severely mistaken.     To preface, you should know that I LOVE everything about Valentine’s Day. It is arguably one of my favorite holidays and celebrating the day is nonnegotiable. […]

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Shucking Ain’t Easy

I think oysters are one of those cuisines categorized by either love or hate; there’s no in between when it comes to these slimy delicacies. While I’ll admit their unappetizing appearance leaves much to be desired, for Jarred and I our affinity for these mollusks runs deep. We bravely [or stupidly] consumed our fair share […]

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Thanksgiving in the City!

  Before we moved we knew four things pertaining to Thanksgiving weekend – Jarred and I were not returning to Oklahoma, Kelsey and Shawn were staying in Washington, my sister and her boyfriend were visiting, and Hannah (Carson’s college bestie that lives in Seattle) and her boyfriend would also be in town. We initially thought […]

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The Millers in Seattle!

The Millers may have planned their trip to celebrate Kyle’s 30th long before they knew we were moving, but I still like to think they ventured west with the main objective of visiting us. Truthfully birthday celebrations complete with a trip to CenturyLink to watch Kyle’s Texans were the real reasons behind their stay. However, […]

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Caffeinated in Seattle

  I must admit I’m not one who particularly enjoys sipping a cup a jet-black coffee. Jarred drinks [at least] one pot a day of the dark liquid, whereas if I attempt to stick to the basics my mug holds more cream than coffee. However, when it comes to espresso drinks – namely cappuccinos and […]

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Fremont Sunday Market

Over the past two months Jarred and I have frequented Fremont on occasion and loved exploring this Seattle neighborhood. Our various trips included stopping at the famous Fremont Troll (an 18-foot-tall concrete troll crushing a VW Beetle with its hand), lingering [read: staging photos] along the Burke-Gilman Trail as it winds along the Lake Washington […]

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Market Eating

With the market in our backyard Jarred and I have frequently ventured over in hot pursuit of ingredients such as mussels, scallops, spaghetti squash, loaves of bread, etc. to prepare in our own kitchen. However, we had yet to enjoy the fine dining experience that the market itself has to offer. We decided to remedy […]

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Market Adventures

It takes roughly six minutes to walk from our apartment to Pike Place Market. We had visited the market on our previous excursions to Seattle and were thrilled to be living in such close proximately. On our first grocery run we mistakenly strolled through Post Alley. For those of you who don’t know, Post Alley […]

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